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Pic - Double Helix Diagram

The phrase "Double Helix" is often used to refer to the shape of a strand of DNA, the basic building block of life as we know it. Each DNA molecule2, resembling two intertwining spirals, is made up a huge number (millions) of smaller compounds. Interestingly, in all living tissue there are only a few different variations of these smaller compounds. It is how they are combined and how they interact that creates the huge diversity of all life on the planet.

Double Helix Group Pty Ltd

Here at Double Helix Group, we see a great similarity with the structure of DNA and structure of many corporate bodies. We work with the basic building blocks of your company to ensure there is effective interaction to foster the power in your vision.

On a broad canvas, we ensure both your strategic plans and your business's operational capability are linked at multiple levels. Ideally, every colleague in your organisation will have a vivid understanding of how the work (s)he does directly contributes to the larger organisational vision and can demonstrate the link within their individual objectives. In order to achieve this, your vision and mission should be much more than just statements in a frame hanging on the wall. They should form part of a live fabric within your organisation. We assist in ensuring all systems and processes in your organisation have their roots in this fabric.

Pic - Strategy Map Perspectives

Like DNA which is formed around four base compounds1, your company's strategic objectives are created from your vision through four perspectives, Financial, Customer, Internal systems and what is variously refered to as Resource, Employee, or Organisational.

Although almost all companies display elements of these key perspectives, it is the subtleties of their prominence and use that determines how effective they are in combination. Double Helix Group can facilitate the appropriate linking of your department's initiatives and projects, with your company's strategic objectives to create a powerful and aligned force to drive success well into the future.

Double Helix Group is a fresh company utilising the experience of people who have been senior managers in large multi-national companies. Our group capability is categortised into four (there is that number again) areas:

  1. Corporate Strategy,
  2. Organisational Excellence (people),
  3. Operational Effectiveness (systems),
  4. Business Tools.

Our expertise is derived from huge experience in Sales & Marketing, Finance (particularly AR and ERP), Systems Development, Sales Management, Operations, IT, and Communications. Our people are passionate about excellence and continuous performance improvement. We enjoy helping you make a difference, a demonstrable and sustained improvement to your bottom line.

How much is your organisation willing to grow ?

  1. The four base compounds, (hetrocyclic amines), guanine, adenine, cytosine and thymine, are held within the DNA strand by phosphate-ribose(sugar)chains.
  2. Click here to view an illustration of a section of DNA from the 'US National Library of Medicine'.