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Double Helix Group Pty Ltd is a company of professional business consultants and project managers. We provide value to organisations in times of change and to those looking to grow in physical size or output. We also look to generate greater efficiencies within the existing structures.

Vision, mission and strategy documents often adorn walls of meeting rooms and hall ways in large companies. How many employees actually remember the wording. DHG can provide support to align company strategies and to enable initiatives, programmes and projects to generate maximum traction where it counts most, in the hands and hearts of your company's employees.

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Consider the internal combustion engine. Over the years it is evolving, becoming more complex, but more importantly, more efficient at generating power. Other mechanical parts in a vehicle, like the drive train, wheels and tyres, are also becoming more efficient at transferring the engine's power to the road. The result is more powerful, more economical and cleaner motor vehicles.

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If you apply this concept to today's companies, they should be able to produce and sell more with less overhead and return greater value to its shareholders. How much more effective can your organisation be if the "drive train" were to be improved? How much better than your competitors do you want to be? Do you want to be the largest and most respected company in the industry? How do you get there? You can think about it, or you can make it happen! Can you do it on your own using the processes, systems and structure you have used in the past or do you need to re-look at the "drive train" ? Where do you source a good mechanic, someone who knows your business? "Double Helix Group, the DNA of your business growth."

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Our Vision

Effective People with Efficient Systems

Our Mission

To build enduring relationships with our consulting partners to maximise their business growth while maintaining high levels of sustainability through:

  1. Development and communication of  corporate vision, mission & strategies
  2. Drive employee engagement and optimise sales force effectiveness
  3. Analysis, development and implementation of effective operations
  4. Provision of business tools to enable optimum growth
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